Palo Santo (2)


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  • SET OF 2 // Palo Santo aka 'Holy Wood' is an aura + energy cleansing wood from Ecuador and Peru. We offer only environmentally sustainably harvested & ethically accountable Palo Santo. It is harvested under strict guidelines and collection methods, so burn happily knowing, a living tree was never cut down for the sake of your cleansing! 


  • Vegan, Non-Toxic, Cruelty-Free, Fair-Trade, Ethically Harvested, Sustainable Practice, Conservation Conscious 
  • Light the end of the Palo Santo stick for 30-50 seconds on the first burn thoroughly light the wood. Blow out the flame and cleanse away! Our favorite practices for cleansing include walking around our home and allowing the light, rich smoke to flow freely cleansing the energy of every room we enter. Another practice is using Palo Santo to self-cleanse. Hold the end of the wood and wave the Palo Santo around your body, across your chakras, and even over your head to cleanse your energy + invoke positive protection. We often cleanse our hands by holding the wood and cupping our palm to allow the billowing of smoke to flow through our fingers, cleansing our creative energy, and giving us a clean slate. 
  • Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens)

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